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By: Guest Posted on: Nov 27 2012 at 10:09:40 AM
I created an app in with Comm64. I use Inno Setup to distribute my app. Will my end users need to run Comm64 install seperately, or can I include Comm64.dll in my install disk and register it? If the latter works, where should I place Comm64.dll, in System32 folder or in the app folder?

By: Guest Posted on: Nov 27 2012 at 01:18:11 PM
Best thing is to include it in your own installer. Just put it in the same folder as your application. Doesn't need registering. Just make sure you're not deploying the trial version. I assume you have a full license. In that case make sure you've built your project with the full version and then deploy it exactly the same way as your own exe.

So, assuming the DLL on the developer's computer is in a folder at c:\SomeFolder then just put this line into the files section of the inno script.

Source: C:\SomeFolder\Comm64.DLL; DestDir: {app}


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