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By: Guest Posted on: Aug 1 2013 at 04:16:30 PM
HI--I am experiencing the serial port random lockup behavior using .NET 4.0 SerialPort class in c#. I very much need a fix for it.
A) will your product mitigate this?
B) is it available for the 4.0 framework? I noted your post above RE .NET 3.5

By: Support Posted on: Aug 2 2013 at 01:54:20 AM
Sorry. No.

You can use it in projects that target FW4 but you obviously need to ensure that FW2 exists on the target machine.

Can you tell me anything about this lock up problem with the .net serialport class. I cant say if our DLL would avoid that problem because i dont know what problem you're experiencing.

The purpose of our DLL is to offer MSComm32 syntax to developers who dont want to learn how to use the serialport class.. Or those who want to quickly replace mscomm32 in an existing project without rewriting their code.

I'm not sure i could recommend it as a more reliable alternative to the .net serialport class.


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