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By: Guest Posted on: Nov 8 2017 at 02:48:39 PM
I'm paid owner of Comm32.
Looking at bringing in Comm64 for a VS2013 pro x64 .NET 4.5 C# desktop app.
In this regard, testing within the fore-mentioned produces problem @:
string dS = (string)aCommNN.Input;
if we break at the above statement, expected characters (14 text) can be seen, but upon that statement execution (assignment to dS), All I lost.
? Thanks in advance for reply:

By: Support Posted on: Dec 15 2017 at 05:07:41 AM
I'm sure we answered this question but around that time our database server was moved so it looks as though the rest of this thread got lost in the move?

You posted the question on November 8. But I also see that you purchased Comm64 a month later so I can only assume that you got it working.

I'll email you anyway but if you do come back to the forum it would be good if you could post your findings.



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