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By: Guest Posted on: Jun 5 2018 at 07:44:40 AM
Can you give guidance please?
I want to apply the comm64 in a class rather than added to a form where I can receive and transmit data. However, the scomm input properties are not accepted for some reason?

For example

Imports Scomm.lib
Public Class clsscomm

public property scommport as new Scommlib.Scomm

Public Openport
Addhandler scommport.OnComm, Addressof ReceiveHandler 'Is this the correct way to implement the event for the Scomm64 ?

End Sub

Private Sub ReceiveHandler()
with scommport
Select case .ComEvent
case 2
bytesoread= .inbuffercount
Dim byBuf(bytesoread) as byte
byBuf = .Input 'Visual Studio error Conversion from Object to Byte ?

end select

End Sub


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