SComm64 Communications DLL. The MSComm32 replacement DLL for .Net 4 and 4.5



Get your fully functional Trial/Demo version of SComm64.

No registration required !

The trial/demo version is fully functional and there's no time limit so you can take as long as you want to test the DLL and develop your own software built around SComm64



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This download is SComm64 (v10) for the MS .Net Framework 4, 4.5 etc.
If you need the older Comm64 for Visual Studio 2008 or older or projects
targeting Frameworks 2, 3 and 3.5 then download v6 here


The SComm64 installer file may download to Non-Windows devices but it can only be installed on computers running 64 or 32 bit versions of MS Windows with, at least .Net Framework 4.

It's is a small file that you can run straight away or copy to a USB or other memory module, burn to a CD or copy to any other media for installation on other computers later.

After installation you'll find the icon for the SComm64 sample code on your Windows Desktop.

The installation can be removed/uninstalled via the Add/Remove programs in the Windows control panel.

Please see the End User License Agreement.

Please see this page for explanation of how to add the SComm64 DLL to your own Visual Studio Toolbox.

The trial/demo version shows our copyright notice for a couple of seconds each time you run a project containing our DLL.

Before deploying to your own users you should register/purchase a developer license and you'll be issued an activation code and a fully licensed version of the DLL which does not show our copyright notice. See the 'Buy Now' page for price information and the terms under which you can further deploy our component.